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Friday, 20 March 2009

The Seiko 7S26 Movement

This is Seiko's workhorse movement that has been fitted to thousands and thousands of watches worldwide. It was introduced in 1996 to replace 7002 and 7009 movements. It quickly became regarded as a superb movement amongst Seiko fans more for its reliability than its accuracy. Owners have regulated theirs to +/- 2 seconds a day to +/- 15. Even the latter is really not that bad for an automatic movement while the former really is quite exceptional. Yet it is the rugged, hardwearing nature of the movement that has really attracted thousands to plum for a watch with the 7S26. The movement incorporates Seikos patented Diashock shock protection that has doubtless led to its hardy and trustworthy properties. The rotors and motor are extremely unlikely to break from knocks and falls. It is a movement that really does take some punishment.
I have an SKX007 love the watch as you have to own a 7S26 as much to own part of Seiko's history as anything else. It has supposedly been superceeded by the 6R15 movement in Divers such as the Sumos but it still remains massively popular, perhaps due the value it now presents in tougher economic times. Rugged, accurate and hardwearing - hats off to Seiko, again. Click to buy now through paypal below:

Mail me at if you have any questions about the 7S26 movement as a replacement for a cherished watch or indeed wish to purchase a new Seiko watch.

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