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Friday, 18 December 2009

The Ultimate Divers Watch - Seiko SBBN017 - Seiko Tuna Can

Seiko SBBN017
£949 imported to the UK and Europe

Seiko have produced many legendary dive and fashion watches - often the two cross over. Never was this more true than with the Seiko tuna can watches. You know why they are called tuna cans because they look like...yes, tuna cans. The tuna range were designed to deal with the problem of helium getting into the watch when diving and then breaking the watch when surfacing. Various watch makers have dealt with this by escapement valves, Omega for example, whereas as Seiko decided to stop the helium getting into the watch in the first place - hence this rugged beast. It may only be a watch but my word - what a watch! Designed to be the perfect dive watch - massively powerful lume, amazingly accurate refined quartz movement, resistance to 1000M with a case that could withstand a small war. The tuna range achieved their aim - if you dive then a tuna, or dive computer, is what you want. Yet the more utilitarian Seiko make their watches the more desirable they become as fashion icons. The tunas are amongst the most desirable watches for Seiko collectors - assuming grail status - your collection is not really complete until you have one (even if all you are planning is to take a shower with it on!)

Qualitytime are proud to sell the SBBN017 for £949 with free delivery worldwide. No extra taxes within the EU. Let us know your requirements to ease its progress through customs for you in different parts of the world.

Click on the link below to purchase direct. Check our ebay feedback  on hiasen27 - 100% so buy with complete confidence. We are paypal verified and will only ship to confirmed paypal addresses so take a minute to confirm your address.


Caliber : 7C46
Stainless Steel Case

Polyurethane Band
Dual Carved Hardlex
WR 30 Bar Water Resistant (300 meter)
Backspin prevention bezel
Screw back
Second hand stop
Battery Life : 5 years
Band Width : 22mm
Diameter: Approx. 47mm (Case)
Thickness : 14.7mm
Weight: 120g
Accuracy : +15 seconds per month
Comes with original SEIKO box, Japanese manual and 1 year warranty

Monday, 14 December 2009


It seems that Seiko have been looking at the watch modders who play and redefine Seiko watches to their own particular tastes. The striking design of the SRP043K1 seems to owe a lot to many a modded watch - those stylish and "cool" hands. That said they also follow Seiko lineage in as much as the simplicity and bold looks are very much in keeping with dive watches that have preceeded this handsome beast. The 4R15 movement is a huge refinement on the trusty, rugged and dependable 7S26 movement that has been the mainstay of Seikos diver range. Greater accuracy can be expected without loss of that hardwearing character that we have come to expect from Seiko's tough divers.


Seiko Scuba Divers Automatic SRP043K1

Type: Divers

Movement: Automatic (21Jewels)

Calibre: 4R15 ( SRP043 )

Model: SRP043K1

Crystal: Hardlex

Dial: Black

Bezel: Unidirectional

Case: Stainless steel with screw down crown

Case diameter: 50mm (with crown)

Case thickness: 14mm

Water resistance: 200meters

Bracelet width: 20mm

Bracelet/Strap: Solid stainless steel bracelet with wetsuit extension

Check out the price of the watch here in the UK on the following link
before buying the watch £20 cheaper from us at £249! Simply click on the link below to pay through paypal (price includes international shipping. We are paypal verified and ship only to confirmed addresses - take a minute to confirm your address with paypal to make shopping safer...)

Seiko SRP043K1

Customers from the US click on the link below to pick up the watch at an excellent price (European customers note that Amazon in the US will not ship to Europe and their prices do not include the cost of importing: taxes and admin costs of couriers)

and the price on a rubber band!

Seiko SKX007J for SALE - with Seiko 7S26 movement.

The Japan made variant of the SKX007 is becoming increasingly hard to find . There has been a great deal of discussion about the differences between the models with the consensus being that actually the quality is virtually exactly the same- the robots that make them don't know how to make inferior versions! That said the rarity of the J version means that it keeps its value much better than the more ubiquitous K. This, and no small measure of exclusivity / snob value, mean that demand is kept high for this model. Simply click on the link below to purchase direct (international delivery is free model priced at £219):


Solution Graphics

Thursday, 3 December 2009

The Seiko SNL003P1 SNL003 Arctura

There is still a huge demand for certain Arcturas that are extremely hard to find new from Seiko. I have this fantastic, used model that I am making available to the qualitytime blog readers. It is lightly worn and in excellent overall condition. There are the usual slight markings on the stainless steel strap - simply take to a jeweller to have buffed out. Use the photos as your guide here.

Key details:

Mens Stainless steel case

Hour,minute and second hands

Stopwatch measures up to 45 minutes in 1/5 second increments

Energy depletion forewarning function

Overcharge prevention function

Duration of full charge is approximately 5 months

3-fold with push button release

Stainless Steel Bracelet Sapphlex Sapphire-Protected Glassphlex

Kinetic Quartz(No Battery Required)

LumiBrite Hands LumiBrite

Silver Dial

100Meters(330 Feet)

Water Resistant
You can see the model on Amazon here:

The price is £239 and it will come with a one year warranty from qualitytime. Feel free to buy straight through paypal on the link below (we are paypal verified and will only ship to paypal confirmed addresses)


Sunday, 29 November 2009

Seiko Arctura SNL047P1 bargain for £292 44% OFF

It comes to this time of year and everyone has an eye out for a bargain and a quality present. I have written about the Arctura range before so I won't go through the motions again. Suffice to say the design is simply superb and unrivalled while the movement is a Seiko precision quartz. Going across the net I found this incredible deal on Amazon which blows the competition away. Amazon are selling this watch £292 - almost half price. I will be grabbing one while I can and can imagine some selling straight on the bay for a healthy profit! Click on the link below to purchase this bargain. I have also provided some other links to show what a genuine bargain this is.

Compare price here (£434) (£410) to see the superb offer that is.

Customers from the US grab your bargain by clicking the link below:

Thursday, 26 November 2009

The Seiko Velatura SPC007P1

This is the beautiful Seiko Velatura SPC007P1 - to buy click here

Somehow Seiko have got it just right with their Velatura range of watches. They are strikingly different, with bold, strong designs. They have fantastic movements- some with precision quartz, others with superb automatic movements replete with real time power reserve function. The aim of the range was to provide high performance marine watches - which they most certainly have done. Just as with the Seiko divers, though, they have rapidly been appropriated as fashion watches that make a statement. That is no bad thing either - it is something of a joke among the Seiko cognoscenti that the most depth their divers are exposed to is...the shower or, at the extreme limit, a swim.

So do not worry if you are a landlubber and do not often take to sea - the Velatura range are just too good to leave to the specialists.

Have a look at the stunning Ladies Velatura below, would make a wonderful present for someone special!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Beautiful Ladies Watches for Christmas!

I thought I would get together some ladies watches that can be ordered in time for Christmas. I have deliberately chosen a range of styles to suit a range of budgets - all are high quality watches with full warranty. First up is the Seiko Premier SRKZ93P1 - beautiful, elegant, stylish and exuding quality.

Click on the link to order: Seiko Ladies Diamond Premier Watch SRKZ93P1

For a completely different look and price how about the Seiko Ladies Bracelet Watch SXB402P1

What ever choice you make don't leave it too late although the range of delivery options  means you can still order fairly near to Christmas Day. My advice is to order early to avoid that rush or worse still, a trip to local garage "Happy Christmas needed some car oil didn't you..."
Take a look at the watches below and click on the one that appeals to you.

Feel free to mail any questions to

Seiko 6105 8110 Divers Watch

This watch has become one of the "Grail" watches for Seiko watch collectors. It quickly developed a reputation for being extremely rugged and hardwearing. GIs on their way in and out of Vietnam were able to purchase the watch at PXs cheaply and so began an association with that particular war and that particular era. Over time the watch has rapidly developed an iconic status - fueled by its appearances in Coppolla's "Apocalypse Now". So here is a Seiko timepiece appearing what is arguably the best Vietnam war movie ever - marvellous combination. Here are some screenshots provided by "Adriano".

As with so many Seiko watches the looks are truly distinctive and subject, of course, to your own personal taste. It has the classic big cushion case and a crown that locks as opposed to the later screw down crowns. The movement itself is also revered - owners still report incredible accuracy which can match that of official chronometer standards! Demand for the watch has led to big price increases with ones retailing now for £600 to £900.

Mail us if you are interested in purchasing the Seiko 6105-8110

Friday, 30 October 2009

The Seiko SKX009K2 - a Seiko legend!

This is a Seiko classic - a robust, beautiful and striking watch - complete with the 7S26 movement. I have gone over the web and gathered the following reviews:

"I've had mine for a month now. I absolutely love it. It's big, heavy, masculine, sportive and tough in a non shouting way, if you get my drift. It just is. It's something Steve Macquinn or Pierce Brosnan could have worn in their "tough men's" movies. It's solid, practical, can take hell or high water without stopping. Did I already say that I love it?"

"I have come the age (50) that I wanted an automatic watch that had the Day of the Week. I also think they have more "Soul" that a quartz watch. I also have a Rolex. But I wanted something I could bum around in and not worry much about hurting it. It's like a older car with carburetor. Mine runs fairly that I stopped messing around with main spring adjustment thing on the inside. I have too much time on my hands I guess. It runs just as good as my Rolex for several thousands ££ less and looks great."

"I've had this watch over 1 year now.

It keeps very good time and has not caused any problems.
I work out at sea, and this watch is exposed to very rough use and is frequently soaked in seawater.
The case is holding up very well and still looks very good.
I'd Recommend this watch to anyone."

"First of all the watch was quickly delivered, no long wait and it was packaged good as well. The watch so far is great, sturdy, overall a good watch for the money."

Feel free to order your watch here

Thanks - enjoy the watch. 

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Which Watch Winder for your Watch?

Once you have acquired an automatic watch it is not long before you are faced with the question of whether to buy a watch winder or not. Opinion is quite divided on these devices which will rotate your watch for you, saving on the time required to reset the watch. Some say they are completely unnecessary while others, including my good self, find them invaluable. I have a model that takes four automatic watches and these are the ones that form my rotation. I can look at them and decide which one I want to wear without the hassle of resetting the date and time constantly. Another great use of these winders is that they act as beautiful display cases as well - displaying your prized watches to whoever you wish (usually you!) Another great benefit is that they keep the movements on your watches going which is actually healthier for them than sitting there static and slowly seizing up. The choice is immense, as is the range of prices. As with a watch you can spend as little or as much as you want. I have compiled a selection for you below - feel free to click on the links if you are interested in purchasing.

Let's start with the Time Tutelary single watch winder which weighs in at a great price of £19.00.

Time Tutelary Automatic Watch Winder

We then move to another contemporary design with the Time Tutelary Tower - again this is a very modest price offering the ability the wind two watches at the same time.

Pictured below is the model that I own. It is finished beautifully and has the ability to wind four watches simultaneously.

It has received the following glowing reviews:

"For anyone looking for a display case for keeping automatic watches wound and active, look no further. I asked in a local jewellers a couple of weeks ago about a box for automatic watches, and was told that a leather winding box would start at about £200 for a 2 watch box. This wooden box is excellent quality, with a deep laquered finish, a suede-like interior and has room for 4 watches. It runs very quietly on the mains adaptor and also has the facility for battery operation as well. I am delighted with mine, and highly recommend the box and the seller as the service i have recieved from them with my purchase has been first class."


"I bought this watch winder about a year ago. It has worked faultlessly with all automatic watches functioning properly. It is well built and the interior has a good quality feel about it. The winder is well made."

There are of course a massive range of models going from traditional wood looks to contemporary and what you go for will be determined by your collection and where you want to place it. A small selection follows below:

Thanks for reading - drop me line and let me know which model you have gone for.