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Thursday, 10 April 2014

All Original versus New Parts Seiko Watches

One of the fieriest and fiercest debates amongst watch collectors is that of the All Original Watch versus a Watch Restored with Non Original Parts. Those in the former camp would have you believe that it is nothing short of sacrilegious to place non original parts in a Seiko, or any, watch. Those in the latter camp will simply state that the parts are no longer made or available and they are not prepared to pay the extortionate amounts that these models command.

We have a very strong and clear opinion of this debate - it is entirely up to you!

We would place a number of caveats on that. All original is great but do you really want a piece of decaying, rusty steel strapped to your wrist whilst you proudly point out that virtually unreadable dial is merely sufferring from "Wabi". Ah, yes Wabi, an ingenious way to make a collector part with cash for something that looks like the proverbial. Here is a Wabied Jaguar I found on the net. 

Look's great doesn't it? Now I am using the analogy of a wrecked Vintage Jag advisedly here because the restoration job on this Jag would not have used all original parts. Does that mean it is no longer a Jag, that somehow it has been devalued? Of course, not. The same is true of a watch. As long as it retains its beating heart - the movement, and as many of the original bits as possible it is still highly prized and aesthetically valuable. For us, new dials and hands, crystals are fine. The range in quality of aftermarket parts is huge. Our replacement parts are superb - with excellent lume, design and high quality materials.

As all original Seikos become harder to find many buyers are simply stating that it is not that important to them to have everything as was from Seiko, in fact it is impossible. They want a great looking watch. Below is the restored Jag - just beautiful. What would you choose?