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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The Seiko Monster

The Black Monster is available from

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...It certainly is with the Seiko Monster range. To some it is the most striking and appealing watch replete with winning good looks to others - they are not sure to whether to wear it or weight train with it.

There is no doubt that this is a strong and tough watch - that is some metal case. It has been designed to withstand knocks and the odd bash. Internally it is powered by Seikos famous 7s26 movement - reliable and also extremely robust. The monster range has become known for its lume - offering an incredibly bright display which puts other divers to shame. Reports that you can read by it are probably slight exaggeration.

The Orange and Black Monsters are mass market models produced in their thousands where as Seiko has also produced a line of limited editions colours - the Yellow (run of 300), the Blue (run of 2005) and most recently the Red (with 1313 produced). The rarity of these models has pushed their price up massively with the Yellows rarely changing hands and going for hefty sums. Blues and Reds are currently going for £450 - £650. Again, some watch enthusiasts turn away from these Editions saying they are gimmick by Seiko. What I would say is take a look at one - the colours are stunning and photos never do them justice. I think this is particularly true of the Blue which looks alittle insipid in images but in the flesh is beautiful.

Feel free to order a Monster from - if you are after a rugged and striking watch then this is a watch that will serve you well for years to come.

I have also found this great buy from Amazon in the States for both the black and orange monsters:

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Why Seiko are the best watch making company in the world!

Pictured left the Seiko "Sumo" SBDC001 available for £399 inc. worldwide shipping - available from
A rather bold claim I hear you say that Seiko are the best watch makers in the world. Surely some of the luxury Swiss brands are better? Well, firstly, Seiko are now the only watch making company that make all their own movements in -house. That is to say that they do not outsource this to other companies or buy in other movements. All their movements are made by factories designed to make Seiko watch movements and strictly controlled for that purpose. Brands such as Rolex and Omega now outsource their movements. Of course this does not necessarily mean that they are inferior by any means but it is a source of pride amongst Seiko admirers that theirs is the only brand that can lay claim to making their own movements.
In terms of history Seiko is beyond compare. I won't go into a long description here as this is freely available on the web but Seiko now has a long and venerable tradition as well as an enviable reputation for innovation. Seiko brought the world's first quartz watch to market as well as as both kinetic, kinetic quartz watches and kinetic relay watches which automatically resume the correct time upon detecting movement. They introduced superb movements such as the direct drive mechanisms which have taken watch making to an unprecedented level.
But how about Seiko's brand reputation. For me I have always been attracted to the unpretentiousness of Seiko. I think the fact that they are not predominantly seen as a luxury brand has actually helped their marque maintain its vitality and appeal. What I mean is that compared to say Rolex they have not suffered at the hands of counterfeiters. Wearers of Rolex watches (which are definitely beautiful) will readily attest to how infuriating it is to wear their prized piece only to be asked repeatedly if it is real!
Seiko also offer a huge range from value - military watches in particular- to mid market - the Seiko divers - to luxury pieces - the Grand Seikos. My problem with Seikos is that they are too desirable - I am always looking at different models. Currently I have been eyeing the SARB017 which has the most stunning face. But I must be disciplined and strong and keep the collection paired down...
For me Seiko is the best watch maker for build quality, innovation, tradition and for its branding - check out the range of watches available on our site at
If there is a model that you would like a price on mail us at

Seiko SPB003 SPB003J1

Currently available for £799.99 inc. worldwide shipping. Go to
Now available from Amazon below!

As well as selling Seiko watches I wear them. In fact more than that I am probably unhealthily obsessed by them! My current favourite is the Seiko Premier SPB003J1. This comes with Seikos high end movement the 6R20. Aesthetically the watch is absolutely stunning. The face is beautiful with patterned effect, delicate hands and balanced day, date wheels. It also has a power reserve indicator which you can see increasing as you wear. Some owners dislike the screws which are visible but these are tiny and I think add to the character of its "looks". It has two sapphire crystals (yes two!) which means that you can see the engraved rotor on the back - again a beautiful touch from Seiko. The calf leather band that it comes with and deployment clasp are simply superb quality too. It also has that wholly made in Japan factor which Seiko fans love - it is true Seiko, if you like.

What really amazes me about this watch though is its accuracy. I have set mine to an atomic clock (yes, yes, I know - I need to get out more) and over a day it will be +/- 1 second. Over a period of two weeks it was within ten seconds. My frustration with this watch is that it keeps better time than my Omega Seamaster - hmmm...

There is one other serious disadvantage to the SPB003J1 - wear it to a meeting and you will find yourself looking at it and admiring its resplendent beauty. You will then get looks from your boss / colleagues thinking that it is slightly rude to blatantly hint that the meeting is dragging on. To my mind the loss of career promotion is worth it for this watch.

Please go to if you wish to buy the SPB003J1 or mail me if there is another watch you want.

Take care J.

Friday, 20 March 2009

The Seiko 7S26 Movement

This is Seiko's workhorse movement that has been fitted to thousands and thousands of watches worldwide. It was introduced in 1996 to replace 7002 and 7009 movements. It quickly became regarded as a superb movement amongst Seiko fans more for its reliability than its accuracy. Owners have regulated theirs to +/- 2 seconds a day to +/- 15. Even the latter is really not that bad for an automatic movement while the former really is quite exceptional. Yet it is the rugged, hardwearing nature of the movement that has really attracted thousands to plum for a watch with the 7S26. The movement incorporates Seikos patented Diashock shock protection that has doubtless led to its hardy and trustworthy properties. The rotors and motor are extremely unlikely to break from knocks and falls. It is a movement that really does take some punishment.
I have an SKX007 love the watch as you have to own a 7S26 as much to own part of Seiko's history as anything else. It has supposedly been superceeded by the 6R15 movement in Divers such as the Sumos but it still remains massively popular, perhaps due the value it now presents in tougher economic times. Rugged, accurate and hardwearing - hats off to Seiko, again. Click to buy now through paypal below:

Mail me at if you have any questions about the 7S26 movement as a replacement for a cherished watch or indeed wish to purchase a new Seiko watch.

Below are a range of watches with the 7S26 movement. Take your pick:

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