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Friday, 30 October 2009

The Seiko SKX009K2 - a Seiko legend!

This is a Seiko classic - a robust, beautiful and striking watch - complete with the 7S26 movement. I have gone over the web and gathered the following reviews:

"I've had mine for a month now. I absolutely love it. It's big, heavy, masculine, sportive and tough in a non shouting way, if you get my drift. It just is. It's something Steve Macquinn or Pierce Brosnan could have worn in their "tough men's" movies. It's solid, practical, can take hell or high water without stopping. Did I already say that I love it?"

"I have come the age (50) that I wanted an automatic watch that had the Day of the Week. I also think they have more "Soul" that a quartz watch. I also have a Rolex. But I wanted something I could bum around in and not worry much about hurting it. It's like a older car with carburetor. Mine runs fairly that I stopped messing around with main spring adjustment thing on the inside. I have too much time on my hands I guess. It runs just as good as my Rolex for several thousands ££ less and looks great."

"I've had this watch over 1 year now.

It keeps very good time and has not caused any problems.
I work out at sea, and this watch is exposed to very rough use and is frequently soaked in seawater.
The case is holding up very well and still looks very good.
I'd Recommend this watch to anyone."

"First of all the watch was quickly delivered, no long wait and it was packaged good as well. The watch so far is great, sturdy, overall a good watch for the money."

Feel free to order your watch here

Thanks - enjoy the watch. 

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Which Watch Winder for your Watch?

Once you have acquired an automatic watch it is not long before you are faced with the question of whether to buy a watch winder or not. Opinion is quite divided on these devices which will rotate your watch for you, saving on the time required to reset the watch. Some say they are completely unnecessary while others, including my good self, find them invaluable. I have a model that takes four automatic watches and these are the ones that form my rotation. I can look at them and decide which one I want to wear without the hassle of resetting the date and time constantly. Another great use of these winders is that they act as beautiful display cases as well - displaying your prized watches to whoever you wish (usually you!) Another great benefit is that they keep the movements on your watches going which is actually healthier for them than sitting there static and slowly seizing up. The choice is immense, as is the range of prices. As with a watch you can spend as little or as much as you want. I have compiled a selection for you below - feel free to click on the links if you are interested in purchasing.

Let's start with the Time Tutelary single watch winder which weighs in at a great price of £19.00.

Time Tutelary Automatic Watch Winder

We then move to another contemporary design with the Time Tutelary Tower - again this is a very modest price offering the ability the wind two watches at the same time.

Pictured below is the model that I own. It is finished beautifully and has the ability to wind four watches simultaneously.

It has received the following glowing reviews:

"For anyone looking for a display case for keeping automatic watches wound and active, look no further. I asked in a local jewellers a couple of weeks ago about a box for automatic watches, and was told that a leather winding box would start at about £200 for a 2 watch box. This wooden box is excellent quality, with a deep laquered finish, a suede-like interior and has room for 4 watches. It runs very quietly on the mains adaptor and also has the facility for battery operation as well. I am delighted with mine, and highly recommend the box and the seller as the service i have recieved from them with my purchase has been first class."


"I bought this watch winder about a year ago. It has worked faultlessly with all automatic watches functioning properly. It is well built and the interior has a good quality feel about it. The winder is well made."

There are of course a massive range of models going from traditional wood looks to contemporary and what you go for will be determined by your collection and where you want to place it. A small selection follows below:

Thanks for reading - drop me line and let me know which model you have gone for.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Another blinding deal for you - the Seiko Premier SRN005P1 at half price!

Found yet another stunning deal on my search around watch sites. This beauty comes in here: at £399 but I have found it here Seiko Premier Kinetic Black Strap Watch SRN005P1 for pretty much half price.

Key details:
•Powered by the movement of your body

•Duration of full charge: Approximately 6 months

•Power reserve indication at the press of a button

•Day of the week indicator

•Stainless steel case and high quality black leather strap

•Black dial with high quality finish

•Date window

•Seconds hand

•Sapphire crystal glass

•Fold over clasp with push button release

•100m water resistance
Let me know if you can find a better price!

Superb deal on the Seiko Sportura SNAC03P1 SAVE £500!!!

I have found this amazing deal on the  Seiko Gents F1 Honda Watch SNAC03P1

This is such a good deal that I cannot even source the watch at this price! It is the type of bold and striking design that only Seiko could make - no other watch on the market looks like this (apart from other Sporturas).

A number of prices can be found on the net. At the top end I found this one: This is the kind of price that leaves you speechless. Still, it is also the kind of price that we do not have to pay!!!

The prices then go all the way through to this average:

Nothing came close to the price here: Seiko Gents F1 Honda Watch SNAC03P1 and I wanted all the readers of the qualitytime blog to have a chance of this scoop.

Details of the watch:

•Mens sports watch

•Case size: 44mm diameter
•Japanese made quartz battery movement
•Black carbon fibre round dial with Lumibrite hands and indices
•Stainless steel polished case
•Black F1 rubber strap
•Fixed black PVD stainless steel bezel with tachymeter scale
•Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
•Date calendar
•1/10th second chronograph function
•Alarm function
•Water resistant to 100m
•1 year PT warranty
•All original SEIKO manuals and packaging included

Drop me a line if bag one...

More rip off prices for Seiko watches in the UK!

Further to my previous post looking at the ludicrous prices Argos charge.

Compare theses watches. A Seiko divers watch at Argos for £240

on sale here for £74.95

Seiko 5 Gents Blue Sunray Dial Self Winding Automatic SNZC15K1 Bracelet Strap Watch

Let me know if there is a Seiko or Citizen watch that you would like me to source.

The beautiful Seiko Titianium SKA214P1

There are some watches that are just beautiful to look at and to wear. This is one of them as shown by the photo. It is made of pure titanium meaning that it is exceptionally hard wearing and extremely light. It is wonderfully minimalistic yet with incredibly strong design, picked up in the bracelet. Powered by  Seiko kinetic technology, this means that you will never have to replace batteries as it charges off your own movement. In short, it is a pleasure to look at and own.
The watch can be bought at RRP from John Lewis:
or you can buy from our partners here:
Seiko Titanium Kinetic Watch SKA214P1
Feel free to mail us at if you are interested in this watch or we can price another one for you.

Seiko Watches and Rip Off Britain and Europe! SKX009 SKX009K2

Well, I thought that I had seen it all with huge prices for Seiko and Citizen watches in Britain and Europe until Argos came along advertising Seiko watches at more than three times than you can find on our website. I am incredulous as to how their prices work out like this and feel sorry for the poor consumer who might end up buying them. Hence this blog entry!
We are looking at some excellent Seiko divers here. Argos is selling them at £400. Then what they did was reduce these prices in a "sale" ! Check here
How good of them. This is a brilliant example of a company introducing a product at a ridiculous price to then show their generosity by dramatically reducing the price. The fact that you can get the watch for £149 seems to have passed them by. Worse is yet to come - Argos describe the watch as "Splashproof" - what?*! A divers watch that is splashproof - this watch goes to 200M. That is slightly better than getting into the shower. Worse still - they describe it as quartz when their image shows that it is an automatic watch!  Please click on the link below to purchase the watch from our partners for over a £100 less!!!
Also available on rubber band:

I am showing the best price that I can see in the UK (better than I can even provide) so you do not get suckered by these truly awful prices. These watches will have full warranty which you might not get from other internet suppliers.

Please mail me if there is a Seiko or Citizen watch that you want and I will get you the best price - whether provided by or not. Nobody should have to pay those prices!!!

Friday, 9 October 2009

The Seiko SNP005P1 SNP005 Premier Kinetic Technology

This is the beautiful SNP005. This watch features Seiko's legenday kinetic technology whereby the watch goes into sleep mode - the hands stopping movement while the calendar advances and remains correct, when it remains motionless for a period of time. You can marvel when you pick the watch up and the hands shift deftly into place. I guarantee that you will bore those around you as you stand in amazement pointing to the technological miracle that is the watch setting itself correctly.

Please click on the link below to purchase:

Technical details follow:

Premier kinetic watch part of the SEIKO PREMIER range. Product description : - Premier Perpetual Kinetic with accurate date and time-keeping using the most up-to-date technology. - Kinetic movement with 6 month autonomy. - Time Relay system keeps accurate time for 4 years. - Functions: :- Perpetual Calendar. :- 24 hour time display. :- Date and month displays. :- Leap Year indicator. - Black and silver dial. - Stainless steel case. - Black leather strap. - 100m water resistant.

Feel free to mail with questions

Best wishes...