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Saturday, 20 June 2009

The Seiko Velatura SRH005P1

Once again, Seiko have surpassed themselves with this top of the range Velatura. It has Seiko's innovative Direct Drive technology. This shows real time build up of power and will allow the build up of a month's power reserve. Yet we have come to expect engineering excellence and movement accuracy from Seiko - it is the superb looks of this watch that are once again a revelation. It is beautiful!

Readers of the blog know that I don't just sell Seiko watches I wear them as well. Unfortuately I have crossed that line that means that I am officially watch obsessed. I realised this when talking to a customer, Paul, about the purchase of this watch - the Seiko SRH005P1. I have six Seiko watches yet this particular beauty is simply too good looking to avoid any longer - I have to have one myself...

Currently qualitytime do not have any stock but we are happy to recommend Amazon, who sell this watch and are a superb retailer - fully complying with distance selling regulations. Click on the link below to buy: