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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Seiko Arctura SNL047P1 bargain for £292 44% OFF

It comes to this time of year and everyone has an eye out for a bargain and a quality present. I have written about the Arctura range before so I won't go through the motions again. Suffice to say the design is simply superb and unrivalled while the movement is a Seiko precision quartz. Going across the net I found this incredible deal on Amazon which blows the competition away. Amazon are selling this watch £292 - almost half price. I will be grabbing one while I can and can imagine some selling straight on the bay for a healthy profit! Click on the link below to purchase this bargain. I have also provided some other links to show what a genuine bargain this is.

Compare price here (£434) (£410) to see the superb offer that is.

Customers from the US grab your bargain by clicking the link below:

Thursday, 26 November 2009

The Seiko Velatura SPC007P1

This is the beautiful Seiko Velatura SPC007P1 - to buy click here

Somehow Seiko have got it just right with their Velatura range of watches. They are strikingly different, with bold, strong designs. They have fantastic movements- some with precision quartz, others with superb automatic movements replete with real time power reserve function. The aim of the range was to provide high performance marine watches - which they most certainly have done. Just as with the Seiko divers, though, they have rapidly been appropriated as fashion watches that make a statement. That is no bad thing either - it is something of a joke among the Seiko cognoscenti that the most depth their divers are exposed to is...the shower or, at the extreme limit, a swim.

So do not worry if you are a landlubber and do not often take to sea - the Velatura range are just too good to leave to the specialists.

Have a look at the stunning Ladies Velatura below, would make a wonderful present for someone special!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Beautiful Ladies Watches for Christmas!

I thought I would get together some ladies watches that can be ordered in time for Christmas. I have deliberately chosen a range of styles to suit a range of budgets - all are high quality watches with full warranty. First up is the Seiko Premier SRKZ93P1 - beautiful, elegant, stylish and exuding quality.

Click on the link to order: Seiko Ladies Diamond Premier Watch SRKZ93P1

For a completely different look and price how about the Seiko Ladies Bracelet Watch SXB402P1

What ever choice you make don't leave it too late although the range of delivery options  means you can still order fairly near to Christmas Day. My advice is to order early to avoid that rush or worse still, a trip to local garage "Happy Christmas needed some car oil didn't you..."
Take a look at the watches below and click on the one that appeals to you.

Feel free to mail any questions to

Seiko 6105 8110 Divers Watch

This watch has become one of the "Grail" watches for Seiko watch collectors. It quickly developed a reputation for being extremely rugged and hardwearing. GIs on their way in and out of Vietnam were able to purchase the watch at PXs cheaply and so began an association with that particular war and that particular era. Over time the watch has rapidly developed an iconic status - fueled by its appearances in Coppolla's "Apocalypse Now". So here is a Seiko timepiece appearing what is arguably the best Vietnam war movie ever - marvellous combination. Here are some screenshots provided by "Adriano".

As with so many Seiko watches the looks are truly distinctive and subject, of course, to your own personal taste. It has the classic big cushion case and a crown that locks as opposed to the later screw down crowns. The movement itself is also revered - owners still report incredible accuracy which can match that of official chronometer standards! Demand for the watch has led to big price increases with ones retailing now for £600 to £900.

Mail us if you are interested in purchasing the Seiko 6105-8110