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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Seiko Arctura SNL045P1

Seiko's Arctura range was launched as a flagship for their cutting edge kinetic technology. Alongside the superb movements that powered these watches was a bold and audacious design that really redefined what a watch should look like. They have been described as "pure styling brilliance" and looking at the SNL045P1 few would choose to disagree. They were launched in 1997 having been designed for Seiko by Jorg Hysek. What is particulary interesting is that they still look striking and contremporary a number of years on. Arctura devotees would never wear anything else.

Take a look at how much the SNL045P1 retails for before buying at a lower price!

Please mail me if you are interested in Arctura range. The SNL045P1 comes in at £359 when purchased through or  £369 through Amazon UK. Click below to purchase:

Friends from the US click on the link below:

SNL045 2