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Monday, 12 July 2010

Seiko Gents Premier Kinetic Moon Phase SRX003P1 Review.

This is a quite extraordinary watch - real classic looks yet combined with a moon phase display which makes it highly unsusal. Only when you have the watch in your hand can you appreciate the quality and attention to detail that Seiko have put into this masterpiece. As usual I am drawing your attention to the best place to get the watch as Qualitytime have sold out. Buy from Amazon below and you are fully covered for return within twenty eight days.

Read the review from a delighted customer below:

"The perfect watch for the price with only one downside and that is that it does not have a perpetual calendar, but such an analog watch does not exist under 10.000 euros (well the citizen BU0011-63ZB has a semi perpetual calendar but it looks cheap). Also a nice thing about this Seiko is that it does not have any pushbuttons that can be pressed accidentally such that you are not sure anymore what day it is because of that, and of course it keeps the time withing 10 sec. accurate per month, a thing not even Patek philips with 40.000 euros can do and the moon phase is very nice because now you know when its time to leave the house when PMS is around the corner :) "