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Friday, 25 September 2009

Multifunction Timegrapher MTG 1000 - regulate your automatic watch.

Automatic watches need to be regulated, or adjusted if you like,  at certain intervals. This can be done in a painstaking fashion by trial and error or with great ease using a device such as the MTG1000. This will "listen" to the beat of the watch through a microphone and analyse whether your watch is spot on or requires adjustment. Automatic movements - even relatively inexpensive ones such as the 7S26 can be regulated to remarkable accuracy. Importantly this machine allows the postion of the watch to be changed into six different places to allow overall accuracy to be determined. Qualitytime are now offering a service to regulate your watch for you or you can purchase the MTG1000 yourself. Whether you are a professional or serious hobbyist you will find it invaluable  to get accurate results with your movement. Watch regulation costs £29.99. We are selling the unit for £299 - it retails for £450 to £550 so represents superb value.

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Technical spec. for the MTG1000 below:
Measuring facilities:
beat rate, beat error, beat number, amplitude

Signal gain control:

the basic gain of the input signal is adjusted automatically.

The level can also be adjusted manually for movements with very strong or weak signal

Beat numbers:

18.000, 19.800, 21.600, 25.200, 28.800 and 36.000 a/h

automatic detection

Beat rate:

numeric display in s/d and diagram

range: +/- 300 s/d

resolution: 1 s/d
accuracy: +/- 1s/d
Beat error:
numeric display in s/d and diagram
range: 0.0 ms – 4.0 ms
resolution: 0.1 ms
accuracy: +/- 0.1 ms
numeric display in degrees °
range: 90° - 350°
resolution: 1°
accuracy: +/- 3°
lift angle adjustable form 30° to 60° / resolution: 0.1°
backlit LCD display
resolution: 240 dots x 128 dots / dimensions: 112 mm x 60 mm
Diagram display:
Displayable diagram length:
240 dots horizontal
Time base:
stability: +/- 0,3 s/d
dimensions: 200 x 135 x 100 mm
weight: ca 0,54 kg (without power supply and microphone)
Power supply:
external power supply
90V – 240V AC 50-60Hz

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

What's in a watch band / strap?

If you have an old Seiko or Citizen diver knocking around why not consider giving it a bit of a makeover with a new strap. As your strap ages it will become subject to scratches, marks and swirls - usually, we must admit, nothing to do with diving. Changing the strap renews the overall look of the watch and can make a dramatic difference to its aesthetics. Divers can look great on Nato bands, leather straps as well as stainless steel bracelets. now stocks a huge range of different straps - simply let us know what it is you want by mailing
All our range are original straps - don't even think of getting an aftermarket band, the quality is terrible and you will find your cherished timepiece flying off your wrist as it breaks!